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Pro Energy Trade, Inc.

Pro Energy Trade, Inc. specializes in analyses, exploration, sales of the natural energies, oil and it’s derivatives in particular such as jet fuel, diesel, mazut, LNG and others. The company also deals with buying and selling of electricity. Our company also works in the field of alternative energy, such as windmill farms and solar.

wind mill farm

Pro Energy Trade, Inc. strives to fulfil its role in society through the reduction of the environmental impact, whereas it endeavours to harmonise its business activities with the sustainable development principle.

sustainable development principle

About Pro Energy Trade

Pro Energy Trade Group (PET) was created by a group of professionals focused on fulfilling the current oil industry market needs. Each one of our partner members has his own specific expertise in oil industry and highly specialized know-how acquired through substantial experience.

Pro Energy Trade Group’s mission is to grow into a worldwide leading upstream oil and gas company with long-term financial benefits, for itself and its clientele. Pro Energy Trade Group plans to increase the volume of trade partners and its global influence. We plan to build a portfolio of core areas which provide long-term growth opportunities, and we put emphasis on long-term growth of our business and that of our partners.

Pro Energy Trade Group has to offer its clients a real deal with reliable title holders/sellers, all through contracted representatives. The contracted Representatives of the title holders/sellers are our direct partners we have been working with for a very long time (since our beginning of dealing with petroleum products), and have been carefully selected based on their reliability and integrity.
For the current year, the contracted Representatives are continuing their work with their partner Title Holders/Sellers to make the process of requesting and obtaining refined fuels or crude oils just as well. Thought our contacts we are dealing directly with Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazprom etc.

Pro Energy Trade Group and its Contractual Mandates are all oil industry-approved, certified and licensed.

Pro Energy Trade Group focuses primarily on JP54, D2, M100, LNG, LPG, Crude Oil, petroleum and distribution industries.

Pro Energy Trade Group is ready, willing and able to start the business of brokering and mandating the sale of oil products of Russian or other origin with any and all interested Companies directly and immediately.

PET Group’s main offices are located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. The company also has another two subsidiaries, in Belgrade, Serbia (South Eastern Europe) and Bucharest, Romania.

Company portfolio is on LINK.